Case Study: Horizon Bradco

One of the nation's leading commercial food equipment and service providers wanted to make sure its computer network -- including computers for hundreds of technicians visiting clients up and down the East Coast -- was not being violated. Garnet Shield analysts detected unusual network traffic from overseas countries and implemented geo-blocking rules.

Garnet Shield provides:

  • An IDS/IPS that watches and protects your network 24/7
  • A Security Operations Center (SOC) providing vigilant network surveillance, managed firewall, intelligent alerts and reporting
  • Managed Security Services that put decades of cybersecurity expertise at your service
  • Real-time threat detection
  • Active network monitoring
  • Quick deployment
  • Geo-IP blocking and filtering
  • Visual reporting

Does your organization have the time, resources and expertise to effectively defend itself from cyberthreats?

An Enterprise Strategy Group survey of 400 cybersecurity and IT professionals working at small organizations (50 to 499 employees) in North America revealed that two-thirds of the organizations experienced at least one cybersecurity incident over the past two years.

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