Why Active Security Monitoring Is Essential to IT Security

Screen of security monitoring with priority levels

Federal regulations require that IT departments collect logs and event data as part of their information security protocol. Unfortunately, a surprising number of organizations don’t have the expertise or the manpower to analyze this data. Recording logs and events is useless if no one is looking at and analyzing them!

 A False Sense of Security

With no one paying attention to these logs, malicious activity could be happening right under your nose. To make matters worse, recording this data could give your organization a false sense of security. After all, you figure that at least you’re doing something. Recording logs is an important federal regulation, but without someone watching and analyzing the data, it does nothing to protect you.

Put Your Data to Work – Protect Your Organization

Garnet Shield™’s Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) provide an active security monitoring service that combines 24/7 automatic data collection with human intelligence and analysis to protect your organization from security breaches.

Active security monitoring with Garnet Shield IDS/IDP records the data entering and leaving your network. That data is then analyzed to highlight suspicious activity and reviewed by an information security expert. We’ll help you understand what threats require action and what steps to take to protect yourself and your network.

You may already be collecting a lot of data, but you’re not protected unless you use it.

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