Security Monitoring Data In BOTH Directions

Interconnected computers

Most people are aware of network security threats coming from outside your network. Essential security tools like a firewall protect your network from the constant barrage of malicious agents attempting to enter. But did you know that information leaving your network can be just as dangerous?

Phishing and Other Attacks

There are many ways an attacker can try to gain “legitimate” access to your network. By sending emails that appear to come from an authority, which exploit trusting or unknowing employees, attackers can gain login information that allows them entry to your network. Data can also be illegally sent out of the network by disgruntled employees looking for revenge. It’s sad, but it does happen. Once an attacker has breached your network, they may be able to access and steal important data.


You are monitoring traffic that leaves your network as well as traffic that’s trying to enter.

For example, the Garnet Shield™ Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) provides an active security monitoring service that logs and analyzes traffic in BOTH directions. If an attacker does get into your network, IDS/IPS will drastically decrease the time it takes to spot and block malicious activity.

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You Are Not Alone

Many companies — even major corporations like Yahoo!, Equifax, Target and eBay — have been breached. Attackers spend months stealing data before they get caught, which turns a small leak into an enormous waterfall of stolen data, fines, penalties, loss of trust and other complications.

No security service can guarantee complete network safety. But Garnet Shield’s IDS/IPS is one of the most powerful steps you can take to defending yourself. By monitoring network activity that enters and leaves your network, your odds of catching malicious activity skyrocket. This will have an enormous impact in minimizing data loss and negative consequences.

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